The course is designed to provide an introduction and comprehensive overview of concepts of Energy Economics and Policy (as well as Environmental and Resource Economics). The course introduces energy, resource and environmental economics, as a sub discipline of economics focusing on the interrelationships between the environment and the economy. It explains how the concept of economic efficiency in the allocation of scarce resources underpins costbenefit analysis and decision making in energy, resource and environmental management.  The course also explores why economists attach importance to the monetary valuation of energy related goods and services, and introduces a number of techniques for doing so using various Greek, European and other International case studies. It provides a critical overview of current methods and their applications. It examines the main criticisms of the approaches that are available for non-market valuation. Finally in order to set the concepts and theories introduced in the context of current concerns relating to sustainable development the course examines the relationship between energy policy making and the concept of sustainable development.